Dear Diary…

Well, I apologize for not updating yesterday, but it was kinda hard when our network was down 80% of the day!!!

I just wanna say yesterday sucked. Everytime I tried to talk to one of my friends online, the friggin network would go down. So sorry everyone. I wasn’t pissed off or anything yesterday, at least not at you guys, just my network.

My mind feels like mush. Which is a bad thing. I feel like I’m in the most uncreative mood ever, and there is a little worm in my head eating up my brain.

Nasty. I should think about how gross things sound before I say them.

Hrmm, anyways. I may be getting a new job soon, like I’ve been bellyaching about so much. Which is bad for you, diary, because it sounds like a real job that might take some real time. But good for me, because I get paid a buttload of money at this new job. We’re talking a couple more income brackets up the scale here!!

But it’s more along the lines of a career job, not just a filler job, like what I’m at now. Which is good.

I started a new website, which I’m hard at work on currently. It’s going to be funny. I’ll announce it here in a couple days.

I’m sleepy-tired. and lunch is over. no nap. dang. and someone stole my lunch out of the break room fridge. friggin’ buttmunches. I will hurt them if I ever find them. or at least look real mad at them.


Quote of the Entry: (from the Chat Logs)

Rizzn: Some buttmunch stole my tacos for lunch!
Ralph: oh…
Ralph: you should walk around the building and see where the dirty wrappers are!
Rizzn: and then commence the beat down.
Ralph: Then, beat some ass! lol
Ralph: great minds think alike!

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