Dear Diary…

My fingers are all orange. It’s because I’ve been eating cheetos (r) brand.

Interesting facts that you can learn from a bag of cheetos:
You can get one Ploid from a cheetos bag, which is the only official currency of fun! in the known universe.
Se hable espanol!
get your daily dosage of enriched corn meal, maltodextrim, and disodium phosphate.
cheetos are dangerously cheesy
well, cheese flavored snacks, anyway
Only cheese snack that’s publicly endorsed by Chester Cheetah.
and of course as we all know, “It ain’t easy bein’ Cheesey.”

How do you get cheetos out from under your fingernails?

I wanna vent about something here, but I promised my Girl that I wouldn’t tell a soul about it. But some — situation — happened, and two people I used to kinda like did something very uncool while intoxicated which makes it very uncomfortable for me to be around them.

I’m righteously indignant about it, you could say. One of them apologized for it, but the other hasn’t. And it was that individual’s fault, really.

I’m being real vague here, aren’t I? Sorry. But I have to.

Dum de dum.

My browser is about to crash, so I’m signing off for now. Stupid Exploder.


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