Dear Diary…

Ha ha, that uptite mofo that just called me is chillin’ out to some hold music bay bay! yeah!

Hey guys, for a second dosage of Super Fast Kel check out Tenderpoison’s diary this week … while she’s on vacation Super Fast Kel is going to do some adventures of Kel and Kat on there.

Hold on, I got to get back to doofus on the fone.

Ok, doofus gone.

Um… yeah, I think I’m going to complete that house of neddin story, so get ready for that. and um, oh yeah, big announcement.

Everyone, go to

That’s my new domain name. Everyone that works in an office has probably seen this, but there’s tons of people, I’m sure, that don’t have high speed connections that haven’t seen this little gem.

But if you watched the superbowl, you probably saw the budweiser commercial with the dudes going “whazzuuuuuup!” in them, right? Well, some guy at a radio station did a remake of that, taking the soundtrack and putting superfriends lipsynching the words.

And then someone made Space Ghost characters do it. Etc.

I’m hosting this website to capitalize on a nationwide office trend of downloading this so that I can perhaps gain worldwide fame or at least a copule hits on a cool web page.

Here’s the only downer right now: I’m hosting it with mindspring, cuz I got a buddy up there, but he neglected to tell me that their MAE East switch is experiencting technical difficulties, and is causing every other fricking packet to drop. So it may be slow unless you connect with Mindspring or something.. I’m going to b!tch at them today about it to see what I can do … but go anyways, please.


So tell all yr friends about it. 😉 Coo? Thanks!

I’ll post a real entry later on.


Quote of the Entry:

“Screw the quote of the entry, go to my new website!
True, True.”

– rizzn. About 2 seconds ago.

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