Dear Di-uh-ree….

Good (potentially good, at any rate) news this mornin’.

I took off a half day of work to go interview for *gasp* a real job. I may get to run a network center at a company called NetworkTwo. I’m very anxious. He’s supposed to call my references this week, call me back by wednesday or thursday.

Have you seen the insane bulletins up here at my work?

No, because I work here and you don’t.

But one of them causes me a chuckle every time I see it. i’m probably going to steal it next time I walk past it.

“Try to avoid sexual harrassment.”

Try. Just try. Don’t strain yourself in the process.

Phillip and I were out smoking a cigarette the other day while discussing it. I made some comment to the effect of “…yeah, give it the ol’ college try.” and he immediately responded with “no no no! if you give it the college try, you will fail every time!”


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