Dear Diary,

By the way, I was out smoking by myself about to leave and go home, when I was thinking, I realized something.

I cried last night, and I cried some today when I was writing the first entry.

No one noticed, so I’m not out of the man club. But I shed a few tears.

I haven’t cried since I was in the fourth grade and my grandpa got real real sick and I thought he was going to die.

Even when I was depressed for about 3 and a half years straight about stupid sh!t, I never cried.

Even when my favorite uncles and aunts died, I never cried.



Quote of the Entry: “Well Joyce and Fran where the only two people who responded and that is all. So we have cancelled this potluck for Dixie.”

– Michael Robbins, A boss here, speaking of the cancelled potluck he was trying to have for a teammate that quit.

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