Dear Diary,

You know, I was reading this entry of Super Fast Kel’s which read:

Holy fuck I just accidentally hit refresh and wrecked what could possibly have been the best entry I've ever written.

Excuse me while I try to relive that.

Kel kel kel kel kel…. Always blame the computer! Never admit that it was your fault! Computers are made for that sort of scapegoatedness.

What ACTUALLY happenned was she was typing in her entry, y’see?

And you know how she does that rawr thing? Well, a freak electrical pulse interpreted her shift+r in the first part of the rawr as a ctrl+r, which is, if you try it now, a reload hotkey!

And her repeated punches with a sledgehammer to the escape key… alas, they were too late.

Anyways. I’m only 3 hours late today. And my supervisor just laughed about it with me. ha ha ha. it’s such a funny joke. Rizzn is a late coming in fool. He’s so crazy! He must not care about his job!

Ok, no one but me said that last line, but I didn’t say it to my boss. I just said it in my head.

My eyes are propped open with toothpicks. Or they should be.

Like I said before, my roommate, Crackbaby got his diary last night. So no more calling him a lazy, good for nothing, big fat stupid technician … stupid. Head. Yeah, none of that. And all the other times in the diary when I called you that, um, someone made me do it! They said they would kill my family if I didn’t! With a spoon.

You can tell folks, that Rizzn is sleep deprived. He’s raving like a loon.

Do loon’s rave? Somehow I think not. I mean, someone hepped up on goofballs at a rave may think he sees a loon, but I don’t think one would make an actual appearance.

I cannot believe I blathered on for this many words.

I think that Kat’s coming home today! Welcome her back!

and OH YEAH! I’ve got a new WHAZZUP video for you to check out. Give me about an hour to get the link up. Thanx


Quote of the Entry: One roommate, who I shall call Rizzn is our typical computer geek. Tall, wears glasses that are beer bottle thick, and weighs about 70 pounds soaking wet, and to get that way he does laps in the shower.

– the ever complimentary crackbaby

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