Dear Diary….

I love hacking.

Note to the wise: don’t mess with a hacker.

Hacking is so fun. Like my friend Splork said: “My computer is my only link to the outside world.”

My reply was “Everyone else’s computer is my portal to their inside world.”

Don’t worry tho, my friends. I don’t plan to penetrate your computers. You only do that to people who you don’t like. I like you guys.

That’s a thing. Sometimes when you tell friends that you are a hacker, they get all scared and don’t and tippey toe around you. Don’t wanna piss off the hacker!

I value my friends, and hack my enemies. That’s how it goes.

Hacking is my weapon, it doesn’t hurt them, just gives me information. I’m never destructive when I hack, what good is that? Woo, I formatted someones hard drive! I’m 10 years old! Yay!

No insult to 10 year olds out there, but why would you do that? All they do is either fix it themselves, or take it to a technician and get it repaired, and get back online. Sure it may piss them off, but great. What I enjoy is reading the personal information that they put on their puters. Fuel for the fire! If you don’t like someone, and you want to protect yourself from them, gain their information, and they are at your mercy.

It doesn’t even matter if you do anything with that information. Just the satisfaction of knowing they are at your mercy, puts whatever relationship you have with them in a new light. You have them under your thumb. They mess up, or mess with you, just apply pressure. You have no trouble from them again, and problem eliminated.

Hackers have the power. To eliminate stress from their lives! heheh

Sorry guys, I’m just power tripping right now, forgive me. Hacking will do that to you. 😉

BY THE WAY… happy April Fools day!


Quote of the Entry: “What the fuck is wonderful about me? I don’t have any supernatural powers (that I know of), or posess that power to heal. I think I am just confused.

– splork

(sounds like someone needs to become a superhero!)

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