Dear Diary,

I should be in bed. So I’ll keep it short and sweet. Well, short anyways. 😉

Today, I got up, worried about my Girl. After calling her and searching for her online, I put it out of my head. I was awoken shortly before by a call from Vesper, calling for Crackbaby. We needed to do some special hacking work or something for her. I’ll let her go into the details on her diary, because it’s mainly her issue how much she wants to say about it.

Then after that, I bought some cigarettes, came home, dicked around, opened up a new computer. But it’s just a 286, not the 486 as promised, so no Linux fileserver for me. We sat around and played the old games and opened up the old applications and the four of us roommates had a shared moment as we remembered our glory days on the ol’ bbs’s. The epitomy of our nerd-dom.

Those were the days.

If I could sum up this weekend in a few words, it would be nostalgic and worriesome. Worrisome because of who? You guessed it, my girl, but aside, it was nostalgic because of the recapping of our glory days and battle scars of our life we re-counted over the weekend.

For a moment I was sorry to see the house lose ol’ Beeman/Solo_exceptional (Crackbaby calls him beeman, I refer to him as solo_exceptional). He too had glory days that he had been holding out on us with the stories. Ahh yes.

(moments later, as Rizzn comes out of his reverie)

If someone begs me, I will tell the stories of those days. Crackbaby might too. I look back on those days fondly, I don’t know if he does, but I suspect so, in certain aspects at least.

I am so weary right now. Not just a sleepy wearieness, but an all around oldness feeling not befitting someone of his spry 21 years of age.

hehe… I said spry. Spring chicken.

heheh inside joke between me and someone who I will never see again, most likely. oh no I better stop it before I think fondly of those days too.

I’m thinking of posting up a Character’s list of people who play the day to day roles in my life so that you guys will get the general overall picture of who I deal with on a day to day basis. I talk to you, diary, like you already know everyone, and you do to a certain extent, but you may not remember everyone that I’m talking about.

Plus I think that almost everyone in my life is a valuable addition and is worthy of note. I’m glad that I have known everyone that exists in my life right now. Crackbaby, Phitt, even my Girl, tho we have problems currently. Solo_exceptional, vesper, Phillip, not to even get started on all of my dland friends. Everyone is valuable to me. Everyone has helped me in ways that they don’t even know.

I always go on inner reserves of strength, and I’m usually good at withstanding tonnes and tonnes of things and not breaking but lately, my friends and acquantances have been there for me, offering me support in ways they never have before, and I have just now realized how grateful I am for that.

And here I am getting all mushy about it.

Well, at least it was sweet. Not short though. Sorry bout that. heheh

So, in conclusion, my friends rule. Everyone congratulate themselves in their favorite way for being my friend as a way of my saying thanks. Now! Quickly, before you forget! Yeah!

Here’s a link to my special friend Kat and Super Fast Kel who have been giving me links galore for no special reason lately which I certainly appreciate!


Quote of the Entry: “So, does the King of Insidemypants have any subjects under his jurisdiction, or does he rule on his own?” asked Rizzn foolishly.

“Sure he has subjects. Two that I can name off the top of my head…” answered Crackbaby.

“Uhhh…” uhhed Rizzn

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