Dear Diary….

Remember that children’s book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? Remember Alexeander’s solution to his problems? Move to Australia.

Well, I’ve got a solution to ALL my problems. Well, actually it was Super Fast Kel’s idea.

Works for me! Yeah! See ya guys, I’m out. Next update from Canada.

Just kidding. I just signed a 6 month lease here. *sigh* No Canada. Maybe sometime after or something. 😉

Actually last night, I was thinking about something funny about us humans. We stereo-type like crazy.

I realized this when I was laying in bed thinking about who? You guessed it, my Girl. And I was thinking “Man, girls are all nuts. They’re crazy in the head.” and “I wonder if there’s a girl out there who’s not crazy.”

I’ve heard it before from others. “Men suck.” “Women are nuts.” or “I’ll never figure out [insert gender here].”

Then I realized that not everyone fits into the same basic molds. I mean, we all have a lot in common on the inside, but we can’t stereotype 2.6billion people together when we come into contact with one person of that gender.

Just a thought.


Quote of the Entry: “Rizzn, move to Canada and marry Kat and I. *L* There. I just solved your problem:)”

– super fast kel

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