Dear Diary,

I’m an updating fool today.

I am sure that I have things to do but, y’know? I just don’t feel like doing them. I feel like sitting here and typing or reading.

So, define trust.


Done yet?

Yer wrong! Trust is two cannibals giving each other a blowjob.

Sorry, that was horribly crude, but it is still the funniest thing I’ve heard in forever. Thanks Crackbaby.

And then there is the Huge Assed LAN party we have coming up. If you live in Dallas or the Dallas area, come to it. We are going to fill this apartment up with people.

Because, y’see, we’re moving this weekend. And the apartment (theoretically) should be completely butt-slappin’ bare-arsed naked with nothing in it. Making lots of room for computer freaks to sit down and play games for a whole weekend. We’re calling it WhazzupCon2000: LAN Wars. Go to the page, you’ll understand.

Or maybe not. I thought it was funny anyways. But I was kinda sleep deprived when I came up with the idea. So don’t go to be tonight then go to my web page. Aight? Cool.

Does this internet connection suck or something, or does everyone have to click on a link about 10 times for it to work? Just wondering.

I’m losing you guys here, I’m getting boring, I know. I guess I’ll play a game now. Hey, at least the quote of the entry is usually funny.


Quote of the Entry: “Long day. ASk me about it some time.”


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