Dear Diary,

Words are so powerful.

Ponder that, talk amongst yourselves, I’ll test you tomorrow.

At anyrate, I thought springtime was when all the peoples and animules and birds and bees got it on and stuff! So far, all I see this spring is people breaking up! There’s that sinnamon and banky thing, me and my sordid little problems, and now one of my good buddies Phillip, I fear, may be also having girl troubles with his beloved of the worst kind, if you know what I mean. He called in this morning and from what I was told didn’t sound like he was having that good of a time of it. His relationship started going onto the rocks about a week or so after mine did, if I remember right. I’m afraid I’m going to have to get him drunk and commiserate with him. Do some of that stuff that those of us in the men-only club do. Macho things, like guzzling beer and belching and stuff. Or something. But there’s nothing like mind-altering substances to get your mind off of things.

That’s what Phillip would say. 😉

Anyway, that’s the big piece of news that I forgot to announce in all my other entries I have done before I have gone to sleep tonight.

It’s kinda crazy how much his and my relationships with our girls parallel each other. Weirdness.

Spring is in the air, folks. Watch the fsck out, for the love of John!


Quote of the Entry: “Spot The Cone” isn’t a fun game to play indoors, unless it’s the spanking version and you want to get spanked a lot.”


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