Dear Diary,

WTF is up with this girl?

Now she says she is going to therapy to help her get better, so maybe we’ll be able to get along better.

Why does she have to put forth an effort to save the relationship after it’s way too late. Why doesn’t she just kick me in the head and get it overwith.

She know’s somethings going down, because I can’t help but act all weird. My feelings for her left in a heartbeat on Tuesday night.

She went out drinking with a couple of her guy friends last night. One of them she admitted to me she used to have a crush on.

I swear, so helpme, ….

… I am showing incredible restraint here.

But I WILL end this thing like an adult. I’m not going to sink to any new lows for me. For sure. I’m not going to do that.

At any rate, I may go to work for Cisco Corporation! Woo! I know that technical recruiters are easily excitable, but I really got this one excited about my qualifications for this particular immediate hire position. Happy happy joy joy!

Plus it’s well within my target range as far as pay goes. I’ll be more than doubling my current payrate!

On the downside today, I did find out that Phillip is having problems with his girl. He’s in the same position that I was in with the Girl about two weeks ago. “We need to go back to dating mode.”

Open relationship madness.

Folks, it just ain’t right, I tell you. People aren’t designed for open relationships, there’s this little thing called protectivity and jealosy. Kinda gets in the way.

I’m going to go hang out with him tonight.


Quote of the Entry: “things are so odd.”
– skunk_girl

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