Dear Diary,

I can’t believe I’m working so late, this shift blows.

Well, at least I have an excuse for not dealing with the people I don’t want to deal with. Or shall I say the person.

My good buddy James from back in the diz-ay gave me a call tonight. He’s a wild and cr-razy guy.

I’m supposed to hang out at his house. He’s trying to hook me up with some chicks or something and chill out with him and catch up. Prolly gonna be some doja to smoke and a 12 pack of Killian’s Irish Red. Awww jeah.

Well, I knew I shouldn’t have told Crackbaby about DLAND, now he’s more popular than me. *sniff*.

heheh… It’s all a popularity contest guys… heheh.

Actually, what he’s been posting up there is some funny shite. Read this, mang.

Here I sit, my life’s a model kit
But I burned the instructions and the pieces don’t fit.
I eat spaghettio’s, turn on the stereo
And keep in mind my best case scenario.

I’m without serious doubt, I’m within my constraints

And it just clicked, the things that make me tick
Get thrown against the wall and I keep what sticks,
I wish with all my might, that I had a cause to fight,
But I can’t argue with myself on this lonesome night

I’m without serious doub, I’m within my constraints.

I can’t complain. Lost less than gained.
STrive for progression
My futile needs are all I feed
It gives me indigestion.

Priorities Intact, the Impossibles.

Sorry for posting up song lyrics, but really, read them. They are cool.

Next thing you know, I’m going to be doing entries becca style or something. heheh

Oh, and you need to visit right now, there’s a new video on there.

It seems that Cathorsis and I are in the mutual admiration club, too. Wow, it’s getting to be a big club.

Hrmm… That’s a cool idea for a webpage. Hee hee, and the breakup webpage kelly and I are going to do. (don’t have the guts to do it in person? Send them to this website!) heheh

I’m so tired, and miles to go before I sleep.



Quote of the Entry: “I know you, you’re Kelly’s Hero, among other things. “
– cathorsis

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