Dear Diary,

How are you this, hrmm, afternoon, I guess.

I’m good. I have a plan of attack, so to speak. Phillip and I worked it out.

We hung out last night at a Goth Club. Oh my gosh, goth people are so silly sometimes. Maybe it’s just the people who hang out at this club. It’s just so silly. I can understand the fun of rumors and gossip, but man, they take it to the extreme there.

My roommate was very happy with me because I found someone who can teach him sleight of hand.

Argh. Applications are locking up one by on on my desktop. If this one goes, I’m going to be unhappy.

I think another thing which is making me deal so well with my current situation is the fact that she has been inflicting pain with her antics for so long, me letting go is a relief. Just more left brain analysis of his emotions from Mr. Rizzn.

Bought a copy of 2600 last night. Ha ha, the guy at the record store said that he recognized me, and I said, yeah, I came in here with my girlfriend before, (that’s why I wasn’t in his computer database, it was registered under her), and he’s like, so are you guys still together? I told him no, I plan on breaking up with her on monday, I caught her cheating on me.

Wouldn’t that be funny if she went over there this weekend. Save me some trouble. Ho boy.

Her little friend from Houston (the security guard) is moving in this weekend. Actually moved in last night.

I’m wondering when I’m going to open the season on theGirl for you guys, so many of you have written letters and many of my friends have asked me for permission to let her know she was known to be fscking me over, or just play pranks on her. I’m thinking it’s Monday. If you want a lisence to hunt theGirl, apply here. I’ll give you all the cannon fodder you need. *evil grin*.

I’m not vindictive. I don’t care one way or the other. But I don’t think I’d mind seeing my friends stick up for me, that’s quite flattinering and gratifying. Thanks 😉


Quote of the Entry: (from the Chat Logs)

theGirl: hey there!
theGirl: [rizzn] whats up with you lately, youve been acting really wierd to me
theGirl: y arent you talking to me?
theGirl: I see that your active [rizzn]! why wont you fucking talk to me?!
Rizzn: I was, uh, on a smoke break.
theGirl: for 45 minutes?!?!

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