Dear Diary,

Everytime I start to falter on my plan to break up with her, I re-read this email I gleaned from her box (which is still sitting there undeleted….)

From: Jonathan (
Subject: I LIKE [the Girl]
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2000 23:24:58 -0700 (PDT)

I LIKE [The Girl]
i thought i'd drop u a note since, i was up and thinking
about u. i miss [the Girl]. i cant sleep without you in my
arms. alright well, i'll try and sleep. you'll be in my
dreams. i cant wait to see you this week. i'll catch ya
later and we'll make more plans
peace out -)
punka jon

Kinda makes you want to throw up, doesn’t it.

My life is changing direction radically, I’m on a new track to success, I don’t need excess baggage. I don’t need 500 lbs. weights on my feet.

Things are skyrocketing, changing in such a good way that I cannot even begin to describe. Love life. Existance. Goodness. 😉

On the goth thing …

Those of you who live in our metroplex, that being Dallas, know that Plano, our little suburbian neighbor to the north, is like some sort of world capitol for high schoolers od’ing on heroin.

Several twisted, and very wrong anecdotes have adapted from this sordid state of affairs.

One was way back in October, when the Girl, Crackbaby and I were all sitting talking (back when Crackbaby an the Girl still got along, if you can believe that), about what to be for Halloween (I guess to clarify, this was about 2 months after I met the Girl). I can’t remember which it was, the Girl or Crackbaby, but one of them had the bright idea to walk around Plano with a tourniquette around their arm, and see how many guns get pulled on them while trick-or-treating.

The other anecdote came tonight as we left Plano, when I was commenting on the high number of goth people that seem to come from Plano.


Quote of the Entry:
“Seems like anyone from Plano our age or younger is either goth or on heroin and if not they are already in heroin treatment centers, ” commented Rizzn.

“I suppose the reason that Plano has so many goths is that they are either dying or watching people die of heroin overdoses,” responded Crackbaby.

“Yeah, as long as you are in the heroin capital of the world, might as well develop a fetish that matches your surroundings….” said Rizzn.

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