Dear Diary,

Not a lot of time to talk. I’m moving right now.

I haven’t talked to the Girl all weekend. On the upside, I haven’t talked to her all weekend, no stress. On the downside.

Wait a second.

Ha! there is no downside!

Well, she’ll bitch at me for about 15 minutes when I come over Monday, but ask me if I’m real concerned about that.

She was using Phitt’s internet account to get online with, and he called to have the password changed to something containing her name and the word “no.” I hope they didn’t tell her what the password was when she called in. It might ruin my plan.

Probably won’t though. I’m not going to tell you guys the plan yet, because there’s some people who could interfere on here, but those that have heard it thought it ingenious. 😉 You guys are going to like it though.

I’m tired, and there’s tons of moving to do tonight. But I’ve been running on low fuel all week, so my body is getting accustomed to that now.

Oh boy, crackbaby‘s laughing evilly over there.

I’ve just been informed I’m now dead.

Oh boy.

But he said I could kill him back. ha ha.

We haven’t moved the beds yet, those are going to be heavy. I hope I don’t hurt myself.

un wnfkush ckass we jakk rhar a vur if firshidiwung.


Give Kat a hug. She’s down, and she’s my friend, so that equals bad. Hugs plus Kat hopefully equals happy Kat which equals good.


Quote of the Entry: “I’m going to pretend I feel great now. Ta ta. “

– tenderpoison

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