Dear Diary,

I am unbelievably tired. If I was any more tired, I would be asleep!

Good idea.


I mean I’m so tired, I’ve had 4 cups of coffee and it’s not helping. What is this shtuff, decaf or something?

*** much much later ***

I’ll admit it. I’m much much dreading this day. Have you ever wanted to have a clone? I do. I wish I had a clone so I could send him to work today, give him a script. Tell him basically that he can sleep thru work, go over to the Girl’s house today, break up with her, and I’ll give him like 100 bucks or something and a call when he’s needed again. Bring the computer by when he’s done.

It’s going to suck. I’ve never been the one to break up a relationship before. It really blows.

She sent me a message on AIM when I was out to lunch:

theGirl: are you there? We need to talk [Rizzn]
theGirl: [Rizzn], Im getting offline now. We need to talk today or never again, you make the choice...Ill be home-[theGirl]

Holy snot, don’t tempt me like that. There’s nothing I like more than non-confrontation.

Time to look at that email again, to remind me why I don’t want to be with her.


Quote of the Entry: “And I think I’m sick and I wanna go home.”

– 20,000 Light years away, Green Day

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