Dear Diary,

My good friends from Corsicana came over tonight. Gadgits, and Tigger and Gadgits current boyfriend. (I can never remember his name).

They came all the way from there to Dallas to cheer me up. They are true friends. They are the ones that helped me be non homeless when sh!t hit the fan last year. I *heart* my friends in Corsicana.

Yes, it’s true, I didn’t get to break up with the Girl tonight.

Instead I called a few times, wasn’t able to get a hold of her (probably out on a hot date), so I moved some more junk from the old house to the new house.

Gas prices are finally coming down. A little. That’s some bunk sh!t I tell you. Prices were like 79 cents a gallon last year this time, now they were up to like a whole dollar more. Now they are coming down to like 1.29 or some crap like that.

They ought to make cars that run on methane. Or BS. Then I’d have a reason to go out with the Girl, because all I get are unending amounts of BullSh!t.


Oh, boy anyways, I’m going to bed you guys. You people take it sleazy.


Quote of the Entry: “Aw, Kat cares. No, really, I do! Are you enjoying your new home? Did Crackbaby stop the midnight feel-ups?”

– Tenderpoison

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