Guten Morgen, Diary!

I am free!

Yay an all that.

No clouds over me head, no stabbing pains in my heart to what this girl is doing to me. No hurt and pain. I am totally and completely done.

I feel no badness, no weirding in my chest, no pain, no hurt.

She is finished with messing me up in the head. I can get on to bigger and better things in my life.

The way she handled the breakup was indicitive of the entire relationship. Everything was my fault. Did you know that in the conversation last night, she managed to turn the whole thing around on me and blame me for her messing with other guys?

It’s my bad, guys, sorry.

Well, already she wants to get back with me. The emails and stuff haven’t stopped. She’s already apologized for “saying mean stuff” to me last night, but isn’t sorry for her actions.

Not like it would make a difference if she was sorry.

I bought comics today. I’m so happy about this thing. I bout only like 30 bucks of comics though, so don’t panic anyone I’m not back to spending 80 bucks a pop at the store.

And I’m eating cheese sticks. Which are yummy.

And I took a nap today at work. Which made me feel better.

Plus, I’ve slacked the whole day, taken about 12 calls.

I’d say all in all today is a success and has the makings for a really great day. I’m really on top of things.

And the best part is my paycheck in no way is going to go to the Girl for rent this month, although undoubtably she will call me and ask for help in a bit with rent.

And I will cheerfully and happily tell her to go do something profane in and demeaning to herself to remind her exactly how I feel about that request.

Really, I did care about her. Still kinda do. But she fscked up, and doesn’t realize it, and one day she’ll realize where she fscked up and she’ll be really sad about it.

But now, I’m moving to Utah so that it’ll be legal for me and Kat and Kelly to marry. Kuz that’s the plan. 😉

And my friend Phillip just got done doing the muppet dance for 10 bucks.

I think really work in an insane asylum. Between him and gerald the gay redneck dancing to the sugar plum fairy, i think I’ve seen it all up here.


Quote of the Entry: “No, don’t turn that oxygen bottle upside down, it’s got freon in it. No DON’t SPray it on your genitals!”

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And if you

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