Dear Diary,

I just noticed that Kelly added all her chronics to her main diary page. And it looks like I’m on the first string! Wee! I am so cool now.

There is nothing going on in my life worth interest anymore.

The hits on my diary are going down down down. I mean really, who wants to read about someone without any problems.

The biggest problem in my life right now is … hrmm… What side of the bed to get up on.

Had to think about that one for a second.

But really, I bet my readership is going to drop, except for my dear friends that read faithfully, because there is no drama. Which is why I’ve got to start telling stories of my past. Which was very full of drama. Or start telling superhero stories again.

But for that, my days are going to be monotonous, no stress over whether the Girl is happy, what I did to piss her off again, whether she’s cheating on me, none of that. heheh.

Wow, ideal life. I guess. 😉

You tell me? Would you rather have a stressful but interesting life, or a boring but eventful life?

I think Albert Camus wrote a book about that called the Stranger. I think I’m going to read that again and see what my take is on it.

Sometimes I feel like my life is just a leaf blowing in the wind. I shoot out connections to people, most of them stick and become useful in some form or fashion down the line. Some of the ones I toss the huge ropes out to and tie close to my heart are the ones that strike the hardest at it.

Life at times teaches you very bad lessons. If I were to take everything that Life taught me to heart and into practice I would wind up a very bitter person. I would trust no one.

I mean for real. I wouldn’t ever want to date again. Look at my history.

Out of the four major loves I’ve shot out that huge rope to, only two of them haven’t totally screwed me over in a big way, one of them died in a car accident, and one just drifted from me when I was still grasping with all I had.

Throughout it all I still somehow remain able to love.

Maybe I’m just dumb and Life is determined to make me bitter.

But I’m not listening. LA LA LA LA i’m not listening, y’heaR!?!

Why does Life seem intent on making me hate girls? If Life were sitting in my living room I’d ask Life that.

But since Life is only a personification of a process that we all go through, and not an actual entity, I won’t get to ask that question, and hopefully Wisdom will some day whisper in my ear what is really going on.

But I think, from what I understand, Wisdom comes with time, and requires it’s friend Patience to be hanging around as well.

Oh well. I guess I’m getting all these buddies along the course of time, and perhaps they’ll inform me some day what the heck their master plan is.


Quote of the Entry: “Dear Lord, grant me Patience, but please hurry!”

– Some raccoon on a poster that I have at my parents house.

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