Dear Diary,

Ack! With monkeys the size of Kelly and Kat on my back, it makes me feel guilty for not updating a few hundred times a day. But don’t stop doing the guilt trip thing, it’s pretty flattering.

Well, this is a diary entry to say that I might not be talking to you diary for the next day or two or three because it’s the weekend of WhazzupCon2000: Lan Wars, ie, my cheesey name for the huge assed lan party we are having over at muh old apartment this weekend.

I took a day off work to prepare. What have I done with this time? I’ve wanked and wanked, that’s what I’ve done. What else would you expect from the Captain of Team Wank.

Thanks for the favorite lines of BS everyone keeps sending me. They keep me in stitches. Well, not stitches, but chuckles at least. 😉

My gosh, I am glad that whole thing’s resolved. Heh.

welp, I’m out like a … uhm.. thing that’s really really out.

Sorry guys, my razor sharp wit isn’t working today.


Quote of the Entry: “Lets all give a huge RAWR!! (with one hand) for Sabby!!! “

– Super Fast Kel


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