writings from jail, first entry

Dear Diary,

I finally have something to writ on and with and it feels great. I also have some cigs to smoke. Of course they are only Marlboros (yuck) but it is better than nothing.

I guess i should update you as to how events transpired to put me in jail for a week and a half with a Klansman for a cellmate who is such an inbred fool that he won’t be able to interpret my rune-skript with the key written on the top.

But anyways, as some of you know, I was pretty destitute and broke last year and in the process of moving to Dallas I recieved a couple traffic tickets. I failed to appear so they eventually turned to warrants.

Lewissville PD picked me up for these warrants Friday night while I was picking up party supplies. I knew I was going to jail. Before he even pulled out of his speed trap. He followed me for two blocks before he even turned on his lights. It really sucked.

After the arrest and processing, I was stuck in solitary for an hour, until they finally gave me my phone call. I informed the roomies where they could get my car, which they did. And were at that time informed that my fines came to around $1900. Needless to say, no-one was able to afford that, so at that point I knew I was in for the long haul.

I spent the night in a holding cell with a cot and a blanket. Up to the time I got got my final cell in Van Zandt County, these were the best accomadations I recieved. Over the course of the night several drunk fools entered my cell with their blankets in hand. And was a follow named Brandon, in for a DUI. He was going around 130 MpH down I-35 N on Wild Turkey. He was 18. Then there was Travis, in for grand theft, quite the criminal, having been in every jail in the metroplex at the ripe old age of 26. And then there was Raphael, age 17, arrested for DWI as well. The funny thing with Raphael was that he didn’t have a drivers license and doesn’t drive. He wasn’t driving when he was arrested, he was sitting in a car listening to some music.. The rest of the cots filled up over the course of the night but I didn’t notice them really as I slept thru the night fairly decently.

writings from jail, saturday night

I wake up to find the cells pretty full with aforementioned individuals.

I awoke to be served some pretty terrible microwaveable food. It looked good on the box, but tasted about as good as cardboard. I ate very little of the small portion served. (think Hormel making a whole meal! Yes, that good!)

I went back to sleep for a bit, more and was later woken when the whole crew was sent to go before the pseudo judge (some sort of assistant or semi judge thingy) to have our bails assesed. It was there when I learned who everyone was and how badly I wronged the state of Texas. Sortof. No-one was very helpful at all. I wound up pleading not guilty to all charges, which did not help me get out of there any quicker. So I spent saturday chatting with everyone until they made bail one by one. When I was alone at about 2:00 pm, I was alone in the big cell again until about 9:00 pm when the DWI’s and DUI’S straggled back in to jail.

Around 10:00pm a Mexican fellow from Durango or something got picked up for theft of a television at a Target. He spoke very little English. Conversation was scarce. I think his name was George Mendez (sounds like Whore-Gay). A couple other fellows came in there shortly thereafter – a fellow named Paul, in for assault on his dad, and Mexican dude name Jesus (sounds like Hey-Seuss). After a while of chating with my new fellow inmates, we went in for my second arraignment — this time with a real judge.

This time was the first time anyone was actually helpful to me and explained what I’d need to do to take kare of my fines. he gave me about $500 credit on my $824 fine in Lewisville for time served. Thereafter I was marched back into the cell. I went to sleep up until around 4:00am.

When gearge and I were shackled and transported to a state jail — Denton County jail. After processing, I was sent to the special kind of hell called the “holding cell”. This would be my new home for a while.

To be continued when I feel up to it later.

Love, Rizzn

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