Dear Diary…

I’m out of jail, back to updating. Sorry to those of you who emailed me, my box filled up with a few attachments, and i’m sure most of your emails bounced.

I was in jail for traffic tickets. At one point it was a grand total of $1900 bucks. Some how it worked itself down to $207, and my dad came and paid for me to get out today, for some reason. A day before I was supposed to be released, but oh well.

I have chronicled the whole freaking adventure, somewhere in the middle of it I did get a tablet and pen to write with.

But I’ve lost my job and the respect of my peers in the process, so I’m pretty down about that. Getting a new job shouldn’t be a problem. It just blows that I have to do it.

Anyways, expect major update with previous week’s info in the near future.

Love, Rizzn

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