Dear Diary,

How are you today? I’m fine.

I just woke up. It’s like 2 now. In the afternoon.

The good things about not having a job.

Well, jam packed day. Sorry I haven’t been updating much. I promise I will finish out the jail story. There’s like 10 more pages I have to transpose. And I need to go get my paychecks today, and fix my computer, and call some people, and get ready to go to visit out of town friends this weekend and probably some other stuff I can’t think of right now. Fun stuff.

I’d rather go back to sleep and stay asleep and not face the world, but you just can’t do that. This isn’t jail. Heh.

Crackbaby just breezed in and out…. he’s on his way to work now.

I find it hard for me to complain about anything these days. Nothing compares to the complaint level of the previous two weeks. So I guess you are looking at the grudgingly happy Rizzn.

Gosh this entry sucks. sorry. I’ll do better next time.


Quote of the Entry: “Last night I went up to Greg and I said, “Greg, you are a hot piece of ass.”

– tenderpoison

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