Dear Diary,

well, I guess it’s time I stopped neglecting the diary, and write some more.

I think I’m going to work for this one place called Midwest Consulting Group.

It’s amazing how much fun a balloon can be. I found one of the whippet balloons from this weekend in my pocket. I feel like a cat playing with a ball of yarn tossing it around. Tons of fun for the whole family.

Yes, as you can tell, I’m bored. Having no job sucks sometimes.

Hey, what am I saying! This rules! Watch this, I could go back to bed now and no one can stop me! Ha ha!


Quote of the entry: “Those are the impressions I have of Gary Coleman, though a few women I work with insist he’s the ultimate pimp. Well, I’m sure they would, but they’re the ones who get a little happy smile on their face when his name is mentioned.”

– Crackbaby

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