Dear Diary,

I come off another trip on a friday night ready to face the weekend. Ahh.

I’m really sorry for not writing lately, it seems as though all my inspieration has left me. I just don’t feel motivated to write much anymore. But that reflects most of the rest of my life ever since I’ve gotten out of jail. Blah blah.

I just feel socially obligated, so I plod forward, knowing that it will get better, but it could get worse. I’ve put safegaurds in place to prevent that from happening again, but oh blah yadda ya… that last thought got lost in the cracked out train of thoughtwreck going on in my head.

What did I spend the trip doing? I sat and contemplated for about an hour or two. Acid just seems to run through my system fluidly now, not really affecting me. I get heightened thought and amazing clarity about my life on acid that I don’t have at other times, but other than that and that funny feeling I always get that lets me know the drug is taking effect, I don’t get much else from it.

Perhaps it’s just a bad batch.

I find it funny that the only thing which gives me that much clarity about my life is a hallucinagenic.

Perhaps that is some irony that merits some silent thought.

Or perhaps the drug plays with you and says I will give you the illusion of clarity for your amusement.

Or perhaps its time for me to go to sleep and get off it.

But after that I spent the night watching Phitt and Crackbaby playing Frontmission. Then I went back to the arduous task of unarchiving some absolutely incredible .mod files from my old system (and some absolutely terrible ones).

And the rest of the morning listening to them.

Oh the memories.

It’s time to go to bed now for sure.

audi 5000, y’all

Oh, by the way kids, don’t do drugs.


Quote of the Entry: “The sad thing in life is that “Blerg” is not a real word. I invented it.”
– super fast kel

(ed: “I could not find a truer statement”)

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