Dear Diary,

G-Force is an awesome plug in for WinAmp. That is how I have spent my evening/morning today.

Hopefully tomorrow comes the fateful fone call saying ‘you have a job where you get paid real amounts of money! Yay!’

It probably won’t, but it never hurts to hope i s’pose.

There are some new whazzup videos on budweiser’s site i think, or at least they are on the air, and I need to get them on the website. Fun stuff there.

And then the crackheadedness set in.

Everyone go here for you daily dose of crackheaded-ness thanks to Crackbaby and I.

Are you a crackhead? Crackbaby is in search of you. As we know there are *stern voice* crackheads and then there are *silly voice* crackheads. I imagine Crackbaby is more in search of the latter than the former, but if you fit into either catagory, email him to be in his legion of crackheads.

Once again, I’m audi5000 y’all…


Quote of the Entry: “We then pushed eachother up in the murphy bed.. yes, we have a murphy bed and might i add that it awesome.”

– lil’trickster leah

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