Dear Diary,

Another entry consisting of nothing. The main reason I made it was to showcase a quote of the entry that I didn’t want to forget about later. But I will enter an entry worthy of it because well, I don’t want to have an entry that’s entirely plaigeristic or whatever you would call it.

So I’m going to do a treatise on monkey biscuits.

Monkey biscuits, what are they? If you are like me at the first mention of monkey biscuits, you might think it’s a veiled sexual reference, but no, its biscuits that you buy for monkeys.

Commonly found in pet shops, monkey’s hands, and at the corner monkey store, monkey biscuits are useful mainly for eating, namely by a monkey. Like a spider monkey or something.

And in addition, a monkey biscuit can keep a monkey busy, aleviating the cleanup time when a monkey slings his sh!t around.

Sometimes monkey biscuits are consumed by humans, and 18% of humans surveyed said that the monkey biscuit could be a tastey substitute for spam and spinach.

The end.


Quote of the Entry:”He’s been throwing shit at my head all day.”

– malkavia

(ed(crackbaby): is that kinda like the monkeys at the zoo?)

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