Dear Diary,

Remember me? Just making sure because I can’t seem to get a diary entry out either to SQL errors in line number 4 or my freaking computer rebooting on me!! the only word I can thing of here is RAWR or something.

Well, at any rate, I just got icq’ed by someone I haven’t talked to in quite a few years, SnoBunny from Seattle (Hi there!)

But man, it’s been a long time since I’ve talked to her. Reminds me of my past and the different person that I was ‘back in the day.’ I wonder if it is possible that the person that I was could have survived to May of 2000. Would anyone have wanted him to, is another question. Sure, some people would want him to stick around because of sentimentality, or they are his parents or something, but I think the me of the now would be a better substitute of the me of back then.

Ho boy, long discussion with Kat about doing drugs. And her compelling reasons to stop.

That’s another thing about me that has changed. I truthfully can’t tell you if it’s for the better or worse. Some friends would be on either side of that fence. I’m not really riddled by guilt about it like I used to be, but I still have yet to reconcile it with my philosophy.

And I um … forgot what I was going to put in this paragraph.

Note to self: falling on butt on tile floor because someone left a remote on the ground in a dark room is not fun, do not do this again after today.

No calls from people with jobs today. I still need to get one more paycheck from my former place of employment, which will help me out quite a bit. Still need to pay off one more fine to keep my arse out of jail again.

And I updated lots of webpages and I’m reviving some old ones for your viewing pleasure. Redid the layout of too. Check it out it’s neat.

and other stuff. I’ll finish the jail entries tonight or tomorrow. over and out


Quote of the Entry: “First off … thanks SOOOOO much to all of you who either sent e-mails or signed the message board or sent flowers or cash or small foreign cars to my home in regards to my father’s illness. And to all those that simply wrote “I LOVE YOU” in your emails…I haven’t read them all yet because every time I open one, my machine screws up royally. But I PROMISE that I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! And I will answer your emails as soon as my machine keeps shutting down and making siren noises every time I open your emails.”

– unclebob

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