Dear Diary,

How are you today? I’m doing much better. I got a job today, I start sometime this week I think. It’s administering web servers. It’s not as much as I’d hoped, but its only a two month job, and they’ll have another for me by the time I get done with that one that kicks a whole lot more buttocks, so I’m told.

Well, I read leah’s plea for friends to get on aim to talk to her and I do so and she ain’t there. What’s up with that? Oh well.

I updated more web pages today. I made myself a real live homepage, and updated the About the Authors section on And we have a new alf picture as is seen below.

And to celebrate my exciting day I ate 4 jumbo jacks. That was 4 of the best spent dollars I’ve spent all week. MMmm mm delicious.

Hoo boy, exciting day or something. I’m all wore out. I guess I’ll take a nap or something. heheh.. yeah, enjoy that unemployment while you can, riz-boy.


Quote of the Entry: “Gadzooks…Uncle Bob snuck up on the sleep monster yesterday, tackled him and stole a bagful of sleepy sleep for himself.”

– Uncle Bob

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