Dear Diary,

Guess what, you are in luck. It’s only been like 30 minutes since my last entry, and since I’m the only person that I know who’s online, and making my own warning level go up on AIM lost the magic at around 45%, I’m writing another entry.

An entry about crackheads.

We bandy the term crackhead around like its nothing, and by we I mean myself and probably just about everyone who reads my diary, but I really think that the same people who use the term on a regular basis are probably crackheads themself.

But now-a-days, it seems that people who are the biggest crackheads are the most popular. Observe if you will:

Me. I’m a crackhead, yes, but not too crackheaded, hence my nominal but not overwhelming popularity. Then I introduce your friend and mine, Crackbaby, who I think is one of the biggest crackheads (and I mean that in the most crackheaded way possible) I know, and whazoom, he’s like a dland god or something.

Not convinced? Kelly aka super fast kel aka Kelly is Soo Sexy. She has admitted to herself and the world that she is indeed a crackhead, and I don’t think that there’s a person in the world who doesn’t dig her diary.

Need I go on? Uncle Bob, God love him, is a crackhead. He’s one of the funniest crackheads in the world, and I read his stuff everyday, but I do believe I cannot lie in saying he’s a crackhead.

So what kind of twisted society do we live in where crackheads are cool? Hrmm? Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you.

Okay, that’s all I got. Go back to your normal life now.


Quote of the Entry: “I hate life! I hate people! I want them all to die!”

– My pissed-off friend James Smith

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