Dear Diary,

Today I have a secret mission. But I cant tell you what it is, but he knows what it is, but that’s only because he gave me that mission.

I performed one very productive task this morning already, I created a homepage for all my music, well, all two that I have uploaded right now. 😉

I found out who did the original whazzup parody. Some writer named Philip Stark who left Comedy Central’s Southpark to join Fox Network and in his spare time created the Superfriends parody. Yay.

No where in the article that talked about it did it mention the most popular whazzup site in the world, mine! Whazzup wit dat? huh?

Oh well, some day I’ll be famous for something.

Off I go to complete my secret mission! See ya folks. Thong tha thong thong thong.


Quote of the Entry: “Today I hate you in a good way. “

– super fast kel

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