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Can Britney Spears Do It One More Time?

By Rizzn Do’Urden, Associated Press Writer

DALLAS, TX (AP)- Flip on MTV these days, and you’re likely to see a young, pretty blonde singing a fluffy pop tune with a mixture of innocence and burgeoning sex appeal. It could be Britney Spears. Or Christina Aguilera. Mandy Moore or Jessica Simpson.

The rise of the teen pop queens can be traced back to 1998, when a then-16-year-old Britney debuted with ”… Baby One More Time.” Not quite bubble gum but not sophisticated pop, the danceable beats and her sexy yet childlike image propelled the Louisiana native to the top of the charts.

Now 18, Spears is set to release her follow-up album, “All I Really Want,” on Tuesday. Can she repeat her success against increased competition for a fickle teen audience?

We think she’s hit the jackpot this time, and for your viewing pleasure are the lyrics to this next sure-fire hit:

You tell me you’re holding hands
like you can’t take your nose away from me
it’s not that I don’t want to carry out the garbage
but every time you philander I move away
I wanna believe in Santa Claus
’cause it sounds so juicey, exquisite, and filling
but if you really want me, put your seats in an upright and locked position
there’s things about anatomy and physiology you just have to know
sometimes I make out
sometimes I masturbate
sometimes I’m scared of heights
but all I really want is to cuss a lot
treat you right, be with you twice a day
baby all I need is polio
I don’t wanna be so geek-face
every time that I’m alone I being so darned cute
hope that you will sleep for me
you’ll see that you’re the Joker
I wanna believe in Space Ghost
’cause it sounds so disgusted
but if you really want me, comb your hair really fast
there’s things about Malachai you just have to know

The rest of the article was stupid, so I clipped it, just thought I’d share.

Thanks Kel.


Quote of the Entry: “…but every time you philander, I move away…”

– Britney Speares.

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