Dear Diary,

Okay, the hug advisory for Kat has been upgraded to a megahug advisory, so send hugs her way. She’s seriously not doing happy right now because of her grampa situation. I know how it feels, cause I was a little younger than her when I lost my grampa to alcoholism too. It bites.

Kelly said it best: “It just bites. Death in general can bite my ass.”

At any rate, I’m writing this entry because I was harrassing kelly for no reason and I realized that my actions weren’t productive, and I needed to make them so.

But my whole day hasn’t been unproductive. I fixed some spaghetti that my mom made me this weekend and ate it, instead of fast food, (good stuff!) and I made a new website.

Ahem… Okay, the spiel:

Do you not have the courage to break up with your significant other? Things just not working out? I have your solution! Random Breakup Generator v1.0! Just fill out the simple questions on the form, and a breakup letter that is “cordial, succinct, and heartfelt” will be mailed to your soon-to-be-former-significant-other.


Oh yeah, that url:

It’s fast fun free and productive.

Anyways. i’m going to go eat some more spaghetti. Good night gracie.


Quote of the Entry: “I’m back now, mr. quicktorespond.”

– Phitt, to me in a chat log today.

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