Dear Diary,

1. consider it pimped

2. getting a tech job is easier than you think. really it is. anyone can do it. i can do it, you can do it. this thug i knew named jason who couldn’t make a folder in windows could do it. trust me you can do it.

3. in light of that go friggin easy on your self! sheesh.

4. and you! remember that you have friends to help you out in times like this. we care about you.

5. you know who you two are. take a break from drugs. i tell you this for yourself. i’m taking a break. you should too. its going to screw everything up for you. and then your friends will be sad, and you don’t want that do you?

Oh dang, i’m going to cut this becca style session short because I just remembered today is the day I stop smoking cigs and start smoking a pipe again. (i used to smoke a pipe, long story, ask me about it some time).

And Lumpy is coming over for a visit in a copule hours.

Feel free to critique my becca styledness, i was trying it out to see if it would work. hrmm. I guess you can tell I’ve been hanging out with kelly online all day if I start doing that, eh?


Quote of the Entry: “People .. a lot of people .. are on crack. Some in good ways, some in bad.”

– super fast kel

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