Dear Diary,

I haven’t updated in a couple days, so I’m making up with it with a copious burst of updates right now. When I should probably be doing something productive like cleaning my room or my car, or sleeping.

But instead I’m writing about burgers

Burger is the word of the day. If you hear it, scream like they used to do on Pee Wee’s playhouse.

That was a fubar’ed show. Just like Ren and Stimpy. What the heck were they doing on television for kids? Both of them were laden with hidden messages. Like on pee wee’s playhouse, pee wee’s friend Cherry the Chair always wanting guys to sit on her? And that gay guy who alway dressed up in cowboy boots and running shorts? Or on Ren and Stimpy, when Stimpy and Ren’s cousin shut the closet door to play in the kitty litter box? I mean seriously, you HAVE to construe something dirty from these things.

People wonder why our generation is so screwed up. Sheesh.

Nowadays, they just come right out and say it. Hi! I’m Al Bundy, I’m a fscked up person in a fscked up family! Hi I’m Jerry Springer, I’ve got morons who act like they are transvestites and white trash on my show! We talk about cheating on each other to get ratings!

Of course I don’t watch tee vee much anymore.

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I haven’t had cable since I was in jail (that was only for a week or so), and before that, I didn’t have cable since I worked for the cable company.

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Oh, and perhaps the most devious of all fscked up shows, one about an alien that was cute and fuzzy living with the perfect family, except the alien always ran around eating cats. What’s bad about that? Analyze that for a second. Cats. Pussy-cats. Alf liked to eat pussy! He would chase the cat’s tail. Chasing tail. Come on!

That’s ok, I didn’t realize that until we started making the alf speaks homepage.

Perhaps my lack of tee vee watching has prevented me from seeing subtly fscked up programming or something. Do you know of some? Tell me about it!



Quote of the Entry: “Did you ever wonder if your mom gave dad a blowjob right before she kissed you good night?”

– crackbaby

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