Dear Diary,

I now feel I am priveledged enough to rank up there with ms. malk! I now have talked to a really weird nutjob on par with her weird nutjobs that she talks to all the time thanks to the magic of ICQ random chat.


ICQ History Log For:

60124417 kelpster

Started on Tue May 23 05:01:16 2000


kelpster 5/24/00 1:00 AM aaaaaarrrrrrg

rizzn 5/24/00 1:01 AM aargg?

kelpster 5/24/00 1:02 AM me maties

rizzn 5/24/00 1:02 AM oh boy.

I got a pirate here.

kelpster 5/24/00 1:03 AM yes sireee bob

rizzn 5/24/00 1:03 AM I'm a pirate sometimes.

kelpster 5/24/00 1:04 AM aren't we all

rizzn 5/24/00 1:04 AM yes, I think there is a little pirate that

dwells deep within all of us. ;-)

Pirates are cool

kelpster 5/24/00 1:05 AM hehehe

pirate midgets

rizzn 5/24/00 1:07 AM pirate midgets. hrmm..

sounds kinda crazy. wacky. zany.

I wonder if you can find pirate midgets on the

open market?

kelpster 5/24/00 1:08 AM yeaah

big money fo dem crazy lil monstas

rizzn 5/24/00 1:09 AM I have a friend (I sh!t you not) that wants to

buy a midget to serve him drugs while he tours


kelpster 5/24/00 1:10 AM hell yes! enslave the little maggots

rizzn 5/24/00 1:13 AM I wonder if there is a market niche for pirate

midget maggot thingies out there in the world.

kelpster 5/24/00 1:14 AM big money at peg leg season

rizzn 5/24/00 1:15 AM ooh, this is true.

All I gotta find is some midget pirates and a

bunch of wood, get some people making peg

legs, and I could be a millionaire

kelpster 5/24/00 1:16 AM a man who knows his



rizzn 5/24/00 1:17 AM that'd be me. Yep. The man with the plan.

kelpster 5/24/00 1:18 AM awwwwwriteeee, whitey

rizzn 5/24/00 1:19 AM so what do you do besides being a pirate.

kelpster 5/24/00 1:20 AM i like to be a ducky in a pony

rizzn 5/24/00 1:22 AM oh, is that right?

sometimes I read books about ducks and horses.

kelpster 5/24/00 1:23 AM lets go to the zoooooooooooohoohooi

rizzn 5/24/00 1:24 AM okay.

is it open now?

kelpster 5/24/00 1:26 AM always babeh

rizzn 5/24/00 1:26 AM cool! let's go!

What's your favorite zoo animal?

kelpster 5/24/00 1:29 AM da boooomer

rizzn 5/24/00 1:31 AM ahh, yes, da boomer. that is one of my

favorite zoo animals as well.

One time, when I was in the african exhibit,

they had one right there in the cage with the

alligators! it was crazy!

kelpster 5/24/00 1:35 AM dem der thangs bitechyee leyg owf

rizzn 5/24/00 1:36 AM Hrmm. yes, that's what I hear on the street.

(no response).

I think that the fact that I let myself be subjected to this says a lot about … something.


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