Dear Diary,

Today is going to suck royally, I can tell you.

But before I go into detail about how much this morning already sucks and I only got up 42 minutes ago, listen to a little story I have to tell you.

There once was this boy named Rizzn. He was about 16 years old or so maybe? Maybe 15. But he was into bbsing and all things computer.

Then he met up with this big fat hacker guy that was really cool named John Richmond. John Richmond was starting what’s called an ISP. This ISP was called “Internet Tyler” for that was the city in which it was started. John Richmond gave Rizzn and his friend Crackbaby free accounts for life because Rizzn and Crackbaby got them their first 1000 accounts.

Basically, Rizzn and Crackbaby were solely responsible for the company staying afloat. But Rizzn and Crackbaby were content with their free accounts just because hey! it was internet!

I mean, Rizzn would even go out on his own time and install internet accounts on other people’s computers for free, just to get them signed up. What’s up with that?

Then one day, three other people, one named Jeff Strout, one named Newt Farrar, and the other Kent Davis, invested in Internet Tyler. Just so they could expand quicker.

Later on, Rizzn’s capacity for Internet Tyler became free lance web designer. But once again, Rizzn got shafted, when they hired an inhouse web designer. Rizzn didn’t care much though, cuz he had his free internet account.

Then even later on, Rizzn got hired as an inhouse technician. One of three total. He stayed on the core team for a long time, then got moved to in house web designer, then got moved to network technician.

All in all, Rizzn had been there for all four years the company had been in business. He was as high as you could go in the company without owning it. And he was only being paid $8.50 an hour. But it was ok, because he was workaholic, and loved his job.

Then one day, they bumped him down from network technician basically due to office politics. Then they moved him from having a job to no job at all due to the fact that they had been bought by a major corporation and Rizzn had unwittingly broken a corporate law. Or something.

Rizzn was crushed. But he still maintained his loyalty to the comapany, and always referred his friends to get jobs there, and referred customers to there.

That’s my story about the best job of my life.

Ever since then though, they have been blaming all kinds of things on me. Any time something goes wrong, they blame it on Mr. Rizzn. The mail server went down the week after he left. They blame it on Mr. Rizzn.

Someone broke into the NOC or something later that month, so they install a million dollar security system, and blame it all on Mr. Rizzn.

Rizzn’s roommate got fired basically because he lived with Mr. Rizzn.

People that secretly hated Mr. Rizzn that worked there pretended like they liked him — and the sh!tty part is that Mr. Rizzn didn’t ever find out which ones they were.

This may sound like I’m making all this up. I’m not really. Ask Crackbaby. For real, I am not making this up.

Why is today a bad day? Why am I bringing all this up today? Because first thing this morning, one of my agents in Tyler tells me that Group M7, this web firm I worked at after I left Internet Tyler and has really close ties with Internet Tyler, is accusing me of hacking them and setting up illegal accounts.


Here’s the scoop. I’m enough of a hacker to know that Internet Tyler’s and consequently GroupM7’s security sucks. That’s common knowledge. It doesn’t take much to figure out that they don’t change their passwords.

I’m not a vengeful person. No matter how much they try to paint me to look like one, which they have been ever since I got fired, I am not a vengeful person. If I was, i would have gone straight home, and erased their routing table. Because I sat their for five minutes in the router when I went home contemplating whether to do it or not. But I didn’t. And I still wouldn’t. Because I’m not a FSCKING VENGEFUL PERSON!!!! when will they get it thru their thick skulls.

So tomorrow I trek to Tyler to clear up the bullshit and see what’s going down with my homies. I needed to take care of some other stuff anyways.

I’m seeing red right now, so when I can see straight I’ll write some more.