Dear Diary,

Welcome to national drama day. Hope your life is as dramatic as everyone else’s in the world.

If something dramatic hasn’t happenned to you or someone you know today, watch out, before the clock hits midnight, it will. This I predict.

Tomorrow I am going to Tyler to take care of these problems with my old bosses and employers. If they aren’t receptive, I will come back the week after with lawyers, and see if I can end up owning the company or something. That would be fun.

Then at least it would be run correctly. They could blame me all they wanted for stuff then. I’d be running the biatch. 😉

Back to the grindstone.

Also, in other news, everyone needs to write kelly a letter and tell her she’s not superficial. Cuz she’s not. In her own way, the diary she writes is a portal to what she’s thinking. I will miss it, and I know you will too. I bet if we all write a letter to her saying to put it back up, that we don’t think she’s stupid for saying she’s shutting it down and then bringing it back up she will. 😉

Write her here


Quote of the Entry: “It’s been swell, but the swellings gone down.”

– super fast kel

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