Dear Diary,

How do you like the new layout?

I’ve been on a creating HTML kick today, doing all sorts of HTML ninja things.

Yup. Kicking electron 1 and 0 buttocks. That’s me.

Right now that silly chick from china is trying to send me her frickin huge ass bitmapped picture of herself over icq and it’s going at like umm, 0bytes per second it says.

Great. I should be here for the rest of my life.

Oh, how sweet, we’ll grow old together trying to find out what each other looks like.

Why do I subject myself to random idiots from ICQ? Why? Am I really a masochist at heart? hoo boy.

I was going to say something very witty in this paragraph. But I forget what it was.

This stupid girl keeps saying Oh my God. What’s up with that? like Oh my God, ICQ is going slow. Oh my God what do you mean you live in Texas. WTF man? This conversation is going like we are both stoned. She’ll ask me something, I’ll give her an answer, and the next five messages will go like:

Me:For real.
Her: you aren’t kidding?
Me: nope, not at all.
Her: Oh my God!


Why can’t Kat or Kelly be on now. Or Malkavia. Or a host of other cool people to talk to besides them? Or not even a host, but just one other cool person. I’ll settle for that.


okay. enough grring.


Quote of the Entry: “I swear I’ll drop out if I have to do any more of this 3d shit. Seriously, I’ll drop out and join a cult in protest. The kind where everyone shaves their head and wears nikes. I’ll be a loser, but I’ll also be content in the knowledge that when the space ships come for the chosen (i.e., me), those evil 3d teachers of mine will be left behind. Ha.”

– action_grrl

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