Dear Diary,

I’m finally up and functioning for the day.

I’ve figured out what I’m going to do when I’m rich that will make me eccentric.

I’m going to hire a band that is going to play fantasy music behind me all the time so I can pretend I’m in a console rpg.


I am in such a blah mood. no energy.

I am watching the dreamcast simulate a game between the bucs and the bills. Full quarters.

Bucs are kicking ass, as always.

I love how the computer simulates the Buccanneers. They always win. 😉

I am bored and unmotivated. And high from this nicotine buzz.

Therefore my entry is short.


Quote of the Entry: “So to appease the Fairy Princess of Foophooville, I produce an update.”

– crackbaby

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