Dear Diary —

Yar, this be Meester Rizzn here with some news, some queries, and some filler to go between.

Okay, people…. something is happening to d-land. kelly and I, I believe, were the first people to notice it, but it needs to stop right away.

Kelly messages me this morning, and I ask how she’s doing, and she tells me “B L E H spells bleh,” and then asks me how I’m doing. I’m doing about the same, I realize with surprise. And then I realize that everyone I’ve read this morning feels the same.

I hurriedly read everyone else, and yep, without fail, EVERYONE on my list in their current entry could fit the description of how they are feeling as: “B L E H spells bleh.”

So, in response, I call on the task force that is d-land to come to a rapid solution for this problem. I don’t know what it is, but I think that knowlege of the problem is the first step to stopping it.

I think if we follow these few simple steps for today, and maybe even tomorrow, that we may be absolved of our “B L E H spells bleh” problem. But these have to be practiced by everyone, and if a few of us don’t participate, we may be all re-infected by a variant strain.

Firstly, don’t meditate on anything serious today. Don’t sit and stew. If you think about your problems, they will overwhelm you in this state. Put off thinking about serious problems that you don’t have a ready solution for until a couple days have passed.

Secondly, be SILLY! if you laugh, you are changing the mood, which is good! Grin, laugh, force yourself to, for me, and mebbe the mood will take. Who knows. But it’s better than sitting there being bleh, right? And then you can stop grinning like an idiot and look at yourself and laugh for grinnning like an idiot.

Third, and finally, tell all your dland and RL friends that seem to be infected by “B L E H spells bleh” that they need to do the same or they will most likely increase infection rates. This needs to be nipped in the bud! Got it?

Okay. Now, any time this comes up again, just click on my entry that has “B L E H spells bleh” in my older file for a refresher course to know what to do in a “B L E H spells bleh” emergency.

Heh, just call me Rizzn, director of the CBC (Center for Bleh Control).

Anyways, the other thing that happenned this morning was I got this netminder thing (netminder is a service where they tell you when a page gets updated) for a swinger’s couples site. Like a dating service for couples who are swingers and bi-curious and bullsh!t like that.

I’m like, WTF? Was I wasted when I did that? I really don’t remember going to any site like that, ever, much less bookmarking it or something.

Erg, ohwell!

Hey, you, have a non-bleh day!


Quote of the Entry: “B L E H spells bleh, how about you?”

– super fast kel

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