Dear Diary,

Updated the look a little bit.

Thought I was in jail again, didn’t you. Come on, be honest. That’s probably what you thought.

But no. Not in jail right now. heh.

I am up all alone at my house again. I just watched The Matrix. Can you tell that is the inspiration for the new look?

I’ve seen the Matrix a hundred times, and I can never get tired of that movie. Something about it stimlates the brain. Overstimulates, even. Not to the point of brain shutdown, though.

Okay, maybe the first time, yes, but now, as with every time, when I watch it, the mind reels at the possibilities that the inspiration can take me, which directinon to choose, and I ride the closest one and continue on until the wave takes me no further.

I tried to update earlier this week a couple times, but the computer ate my entries. I know, likely story, but it’s true, Kelly will back me up, she was online when my computer burped as it gobbled the entry.

At any rate, still cashless currently. (accepting donations).

Got a couple other good money making leads that should pan out early next week, like on Monday, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’m out like a light that just got shot by your first bb gun.


Quote of the Entry: “speaking of yummy, i went to this vietnamese place for chicken soup at lunch which was yummy im my tummy.”

– reality

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