Dear Diary,

I have a secret. I ain’t gonna tell you till monday though. I think I’ll tell you. We’ll just have to see. Depends on if you behave good between now and then, as my mom used to say. Probably still says it too.

Well, I’m pretty much back to the same ol’ Rizzn. Forgotten about last night, or at least buried it some. I’m not going to think about it till I’m ready to deal with it I guess. I dunno. That’s bad. But most people seem to say don’t worry about it.

The person I would most like to ask would be my dad, but I don’t think he’d quite be objective about the situation. Considering he doesn’t know the whole story. He doesn’t even know I was homeless for a month or so.

I’ve noticed how diaries seem to go thru an evolution and eventual de-evolution. Or maybe it’s not really an evolution proccess. It’s more like a cycle.

Let me describe it for you. (you knew I would)

It all starts out with this fateful entry, entry number one. Sometimes the diary is still password protected, but usually the content is always the same.

Dear Diary...

I just found this neat little thing from (so and so). I really should keep a journal (lists positive benefits here), although I'm undecided as to whether it should be public or private. We'll just have to see.

signed, Kootyr

Then, eventually, all the diaries that I read and know obviously eventually became public, so there’s the obligatory next entry about:

Dear Diary,

Well, for better or for worse, it's going to be a public diary ...

The entries in this stage of development are usually two paragraphs long, probably four sentences a paragraph. They document what happenned that day, and really don’t talk about much of importance. Usually.

Then you get to another stage where they develop the sence of an audience. And then the writer tries to be funny and muse about the fact that he/she will not be able to be truly honest since he/she accidentally without thinking told some of his/her friends about the site.

Then there’s the stage where the diary writer starts to just not care and writes about what he/she is actually thinking/feeling. Probably by about this time the writer has accumulated quite an audience. Or at least a small base of loyal readers.

These two stages have fairly well developed writing in them, assuming the writer is capable. Longer paragraphs, more of them.

Then, likely what will happen is a dramatic event in the writer’s life will occur. If the writer has a hit counter, he/she will notice an immense surge in readership. He/she will chronicle the event in it’s entirety, the more earthshattering, the more people read it. He/she will probably gain some loyal readers out of this event as well.

At some point or another, the dramatic event will come to a conclusion, and readers will no longer be on the edges of their seats wanting to hear the next update in the saga. But a few new hardcore readers and the old faithfuls will likely stay.

Then the degeneration begins. The writer reverts to the first stage, except in a different form. The content will contain stuff about the goings on of day to day life. But the format will be one line paragarphs. Basically, a stripped down version of journalistic style of writing.

This is the most perilous time in the life of a diary. I have seen more than one diary die in many stages, but this is the most likely place for a diary to die. (not that they can’t be revived afterwards — a diary never really dies, it’s a drug, it just goes into remission)

And then the cycle can begin again.

I’m not saying everyone goes thru this exact cylce, but it’s common enough. Some people stay in certain stages longer than others. But it’s pretty much standard.

I had other things to talk about too, but I’ll save that for another entry.


Quote of the Entry: (from the Chat Logs)

RznDoUrdn: it has been raining alll day
KellyIsMad: Big mother thunderstorm here and the sky is green. I think I’m gonna log off before lightening fries another modem.
KellyIsMad has left the room.
TenderPoison17: Hello my little tonto. I apologize, but I have to go meditate and hope there’s no freaky 22 year old there tonight.
TenderPoison17 has left the room.
RznDoUrdn: sigh
RznDoUrdn: left me all by meself.
RznDoUrdn: and i’m talking to myself.
RznDoUrdn: fabulous.

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