dear diary,

what to talk about what to talk about.

well, the deal with my business are going good. the web hosting deal looks like it will happen. phitt announced that he will now seek the money needed to invest in it, and all that reamains is to get the ball rolling in that department.

oh yes, the secret i was going to tell you about today.

bet you thought i forgot about that didn’t you.


okay. starting tomorrow i’m going to have a guest diarists here, as is kelly, kat, doug and crackbaby.

check it out here: Mutual Admiration Society

During the next few days we are going to write in each other’s diaries. it should be fun. hopefully all will go as planned.

well, i’m all out of words, i’m going to see if phitt’s up to making some music, and we’ll see where that leads.


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