Dear Diary,

Well, what can I say. I guess I’m back. I took about a month’s worth of vacation. Hi.

I really don’t have an excuse for it other than I needed to straighten things out. Things in life were going poorly all around, but now I think I’ve got things on the right track. (Gee how many times have I said that?).

But anyways, hope you like the new dezine. It’s pretty stupid, I know, but hey, no one will probably ever read this diary anymore — it’s been ages since I’ve appeared online.

And to allay any questions, the answer is no, I didn’t go to jail again.

But thanks for asking.

I guess I’ll let you know more of what’s actually going on in my life in a little bit. Right now I’m going to go to sleep at what we here people call a ‘decent hour.’


Quote of the Entry: “Blood and bloody ashes!”

– super fast kel

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