Dear Diary,

I am now working at my new job. Well, I do say working in the loosest sense of the word. They gave me a bunch of papers to fill out and things that you normally fill out when you start a new job, and now I am sitting here at my desk in my office doing absolutely nothing. I feel like I have really achieved something here. (no sarcasm intended!)

I know the people here are going to be cool because they guy across the way has a framed schwa poster in his office.

Apparently I’m not going to be doing web design as I first was informed. I am actually going to be an admin. Which is fine with me I guess. It at least sounds fun. I get to administer and set up the offices exchange servers. Now granted I have never done this before, and also granted that they project manager who gave me this assignment and hired me knows this, BUT, I am still assigned this task.

But my first assignment is to sit at this desk till someone tells me where the network data center is. And I am dutifully performing this task while quaffing coffee and typing to you, diary.

Hrmm.. I think I’ll go get some more coffee.


Quote of the Entry: “Take it away, Enrique!”

– kelly

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