Dear Diary,

Wow. 2 days that I’ve worked at work. It’s some kind of record.

Although tomorrow we can expect that to come to a screeching halt, as it is meeting day tomorrow. I have at least 2 or 3 hours of meetings that I know are already scheduled. Yay.

So what has Mr. Rizzn been doing at work? I’m working on coding a super secret plugin. Don’t tell anyone, because I could get fired if someone outside the company found out. But it converts one format of file to another, and I have to do hexadecimal coding, which is about as much fun as pulling out my chest hair, but it is challenging enough to keep it interesting.

The best part is that all the coding tools I have are 16-bit or worse and the platforms I have to work with today are 32-bit or better. Translation: I can’t do sh!t.

Except print out documentation, write on my white board, and generally look busy and/or hard at work. Why even as I type this document into notepad it appears to the casual passerby/boss that I am writing documentation. Wow. How industrious would that be? They must think that I kick a lot of buttocks or something.

Someone told me I was cute in an email today. Cool!

Note to self: write neural os documentation.

Cool, that Norwegian chick Mette is coming over to talk to me.

— several minutes later —

Darn, no small talk, she just was handing me a work order item. Oh well, she’s too old for me anyways. At least in her mind. I think she’s cute. And she’s Norwegian.

On a serious note, everyone pray for my Godmother/Aunt Jidgie… she’s my favorite aunt and she’s in the hospital and in intensive care. Thanks.

And I’m going to try to take a nap before I have to go pick Crackbaby up from work. TTFN!


Quote of the Entry: “As I said to Kelly, “Life is retarded!”

– Kat

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