Dear Diary,

Whoa momma, busy morning so far.

Last night my car died. I need to call Triple A and have them tow my car to my house. My fan belt flew off, and I didn’t notice, because my power steering already didn’t work, and it blew up my engine or something. You could tell from the smell of blown up engine when I parked my car (and from the rattle rattle rattle that my car doesn’t usually say when I drive it).

So I need a new car. Crackbaby drove us to work this morning. He hates to drive, and I don’t know why. His car isn’t in nearly as bad shsape as he thinks it is, I know this. I mean come on! He has power steering, brakes that work, power everything that works most the time, all four wheels roll in the same direction. Hell he even has keys that work in the doors.

I had none of these things, and I still drove my car.

Here is the list of the things that are wrong with my car:

Brakes – Just Brakes (who’s motto should be Just Brakes: “Just Don’t Do It” or maybe just simply call them unJust Breaks or maybe even, “I’m going to fscking screw up your car in such a way you don’t notice for 6 months and then send you a bill”) … Just brakes fubar’ed my brakes about 6 months ago when they connected a brake line. Apparantly they decided that they’d need to take off all four my brakes to fix this issue, and put them on at an angle so my brakes would wear down faster, so now everything in my brake system needs replacing, as well as my brake lines, because they were borderline anyways.

Which leads me to my …

Tires – Which are also messed up because of the brake problem … my wheels lock because of the brake problem, so it has totally messed with my treads.

Fluids – All of them need replacing. Oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, engine coolant, windsheild wiper fluid, power steering fluid, etc.

Windshield – The windshield is cracked.

Spark Plugs – I have 2 spark plugs that fire right now. Out of 6.

Transmission – My transmission is about to give out, it hesitates before shifting, then slams into gear.

Fan Belt Episode – Whatever lasting damage I caused by driving it 3 miles without the fan belt.

A/C – Oh yeah, and my A/C is stuck on defrost.

Radio – Radio works fscking great, thanks for asking. I think I’ll go sit in my car and not drive and listen to my fscking great radio and no I’m not bitter.

There are probably more issues with it, but this is a nice list, and the point is I paid about $2000 bucks for the car, and it will cost more than that to fix it.

So I don’t have a car. And Crackbaby has this car that’s essentially a family heirloom that still runs, I don’t think there are going to be many issues with it breaking down but that’s just a hunch.

So anyone have a cheap car?

Anyway busy morning.I guess. Meetings all day. And I have to figure out the interface to this compiler so I can put out my program tomorrow. And that’s all I have to say about that.


Quote of the Entry: “I have an obsession with bracelets. I wear atleast 25 to school everyday, and everyday I receive atleast 30 comments about them. Mostly always “Hey, you wear a lot of bracelets”. I’m like- “Hey, I put them on this morning, I think I would know by now!”

– leah

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