hi there ho there diary thingy!

i am so pooped. i’m taking a nap when i get home.

i say that now, but i most likely wil go play icewind dale, a badass new game we are all into. heck, i’ll just sleep now and fuhgeddabout it.

but this is not what i was writing to you about originally … the topic of the day is rizzn has no car and is unhappy about it. remember that car that blew up i wrote about in my previous entry, well, i bought another one the day my car blew up and this one blew up the next day.

me and crackbaby are driving along down woodall rogers blah blah blah, and next thing you know on the way to work it’s a magic trick NO! it’s the radiator trying to make it look like a magic trick happenned by billowing puffy flumes of steam at me. yes folks that’s right my radiator blew out. so now i have not one but TWO useless cars.

and my checks still haven’t gone thru from last friday, and i’m tired and java programmers are idiots, and i wanna go to sleep.

to sleep, perchance to dream. ’tis nobler to dislodge that train of thought before it goes completely stupid. 🙂

sleep deprived rizzn is funny, yes?

you should see my code right now, its a riot!

for yix = 1 to CounterThingy : print RTXfileA(yix) : Next yix

yes, they have changed the goal of my programs three times, and being the nice guy that I am I haven’t complained one bit about having to scrap a grand total of a month’s worth of coding. because I’m a nice guy. I tell you if they demand one more thing of me, I’m going to say code your damn selves, I’m not paid to be a freaking coder, I’m a web developer, suck my clown.

And to add insult to injury, they have me classified as a java programmer on the org chart for the department.

a) I’m not a java programmer b) java programmers are the worlds pivot men in the great circle jerk of life, i’m not a pivot man, I’m a real langauge coder d) java programmers around here are even greater examples of why chlorine needs to be introduced into the world’s gene pool 4)I don’t know a lick of java programming 5) nor do I ever ever ever want to and finally 7) java programers can stick it where the sun don’t shine because they are lazy lazy bastards making me do all the real brain work and real code work outside of java in real programming languages.

I hate them all. Die, java die!


Quote of the Entry: “It’s bettern to reach for the stairs and miss than shoot for a pile of dogshit and hit the mark. “

– crackbaby

[ed: reach for the stairs? i’m sleep deprived and still trying to figure that one out, maybe someone can help me]

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